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Now you can support professors and students by delivering curriculum in a more engaging way, using iPads and remote access.  Free case study.

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“Nothing else provides the same ease of use, with a comprehensive on-premise management framework.  Other products didn’t scale to a campus-wide deployment with the tools and security we required.”

Michael Sherer
Director of Information Technology Services
Goshen College


Want to increase interactivity
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Free Case Study Explains How.
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Goshen College is using technology as a strategic tool for improving they way its professors teach.  Goshen delivers Core general education and eTextbooks through iPads.  Professors are more efficient and effective using Splashtop to remotely access their presentaitons with their iPads, projecting them at the front of the room as they walk around the classroom.  Students can view the lessons on their iPads and the professors can annotate over their curriculum content.

Learn why Splashtop and iPads are now a standard in all of Goshen College’s multimedia classrooms.